John Mu - Sales Consultant

John Mu is a man with a passion for real estate and comes with a solid and sound customer service background, giving him the ability to consider clients' requirements and produce solutions targeting their highest satisfaction.

John offers a hard-working attitude, considering clients' properties as his own by using techniques such as presentation, marketing solutions and negotiation skills, to achieve the top result for his clients.

Believing in friendship rather than pure business relations, John serves his job best by helping his clients to achieve better lives, by working with them as close friends to obtain the best outcomes based on their own interests and long-term benefits. Therefore, leaving your property in his hands you will feel as confident as if it was in your own hands. The difference will be that his only aim is to be more professional, hard-working, and striving for the best result for you.

If there is anything more important to John than work then it is him family. He loves to take his two children to parks, zoos, museums, ride bikes and kick balls with them, to enjoy the 'rest' time after work.

A man with passion for work and the love of life, he is the man that you would like to work with.

John Mu